Friday, May 8, 2009

Lost in the Garden

I lost track of time gardening today. My purple poof balls are blooming! Aren't they beautiful? It's so exciting to be working in a beautiful garden. And what really cool is that all the bulbs and stuff I planted last fall really payed off! (except for the Irises, I don't know what happened there). I can't wait to budget in more bulbs. This time I will make sure the squirrel won't get them. The tulips are all done, sadly, but there are still things blooming, including the anemones - all red so far. I thought I had bought a variety pack, but I guess not, not that I'm complaining.
I went out at noon today to mow the meadow and get some basic gardening done. I had every intention of being out there for about two hours and getting back inside to finish the Upenn book and start on the bathroom. A while later I came in for some water - and was shocked at the time. I still had so much to do. I couldn't believe it was already 4! How did that happen? And mowing the lawn, well - mostly I just flattened it. The grass was too high. I really need a weed whacker. Then I can get some real damage done and move on. I did attack the giant weeds that almost took over last year. I cut them down and put some nasty Round Up on the ends. I hope it does the trick. I really need to be able to get the roots out so that I can grow other stuff there. I want to grow sunflowers and tomatoes mostly. I wanted to get some seeds started in some egg cartons, but that didn't happen either. I did however, bundle up three bundles of "twigs" from the garden. Let's hope the City will take them. There is so much junk in the garden. I just want to get it semi- under-control.

Now, apparently - Home Depot has noticed that I have not been doing my part on keeping them in the black, so they sent me this lovely coupon for $20 off my next purchase of $150 or more. Shouldn't be too hard. . . .

I need:
a weed whacker
new mop
more Round Up
light bulb for the porch
a rubber washer for the kitchen faucet
molding for the front door
shelves for the bathroom
shelves for the living room
shelves for the kitchen
other little stuff most likely
That should get me to $150 - don't you think?

I also had a lovely surprise in the mail today! Melanie sent me a replacement snow glove ring!

Sorry for the terrible picture - but it's basically a ring that's a snow globe. And it is soo cool. I bought one when I visited her for Easter in April and the first time I wore it here, my finger swelled and when I went to take it off, the top popped off and there is glitter all over the place. (sigh) Lovely Melanie understood my pain and replaced it for me!! Yippee!!
It was a good day.

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