Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Anniversary to Me!

I bought my house exactly one year ago today.
It was a rainy day, Tom took me through my house to be, I met Grace O'Donnell downtown and signed my life away. Of course it wasn't until the end of the month that I could go running through the place shouting, "mine mine mine!" But that's okay it became mine soon enough. I've spent the weekend looking around, thinking that this can't really be reality. This is really my house, and look how much I've done in a year. My second floor is so beautiful - and better yet - it's almost finished.
Speaking of which . . .
I spent the day working on the house, what a surprise. My dad and Ann are coming to visit on Tuesday so somethings need to be taken care of by then. In trying to budget my time for the weekend, I decided to patch and spackle the bedroom. Those are the holes Lee the Electrician left me when he put the extra circuit up to the third floor. Fantastic Jeff left some dry wall scraps and some joint compound so that I could patch things up. I had at it. It's really not that difficult. I'm hoping that nothing will fall out. I did screw the patch to the lath underneath, but you never know how gravity works.
Here it is all taped up and ready for spackle.
All patched up. This needs to dry over night, then I can put the third and hopefully final layer on, sand it, and paint. It's so humid today, I really hope it will dry by morning.
In the mean time, I need to tackle my bedroom mess:
Can you believe this? And you can't even see how much dust there is everywhere.
I also decided to work on the bathroom at the same time. I didn't think I'd have to see it like this again, but - it needs to be painted.
And I painted my purple ceiling!
It looks really beautiful. I've been dreading finishing this up because it will be so much work. But now that the ceiling really looks as beautiful as I was hoping, that gives me a bit of a boost. I bought two miniature orchids at Home Depot today. They are a sort of fuchsia color and I think they will look really lovely in the bathroom.
Oh yes, Home Depot. I don't know what I was worried about in the last post - I had plenty to buy. I also bought a weed whacker - but didn't have the presence of mind to see how it was powered! The one I got is powered with oil! Now I have to go back and exchange it for an electric one. I did replace the bulb on the porch and got molding for the door. A new mop, soil, and the green gardening tape are also now in my possession.
In other news, I'm playing the run-around game with PECO - our electricity company. For the second time someone came out today because they can't read my meter. Last week I received a letter that said if I didn't let PECO onto the property to see what was going on, they would shut off the power. So I called and talked to the most unhelpful person. She refused to listen to me about what the deal was - which is different than what is on her computer. To sum up; Lee combined the first and second floors into one meter back in October. I've been lazy and have not had PECO come out to verify this. Then we had a rainstorm the first weekend in April which knocked my power out. Mitchell came and jerry-rigged the power back on. Since then two guys have come from PECO to replace the meter - only to say the same thing - oh, we can't because there is a different issue. So did Mitchell not report the problem? Because the sweetie on the phone WOULD NOT BELIEVE ME when I told her that the meter wasn't the issue. Grrr.
But other than that . . . I love being a home owner - it's all mine - my responsibility - mine mine mine. My beautiful garden, my blue kitchen wall, my yellow bedroom, my orange hallway, my beautiful kitchen/living room, my giant studio, my green tiled bathroom floor and my purple ceiling.

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Scrappy said...

You sure have done a lot in just one year. I love it all!