Monday, May 25, 2009

A Three Day Weekend

Ah, a lovely weekend. Three-day weekends are fantastic, so much more time to get more done.
I went for a bike ride every day, got all the bills paid, and spent a LOT of time in the studio, even though I should have been moving myself back downstairs.
I did try to paint the window molding in the bathroom. I got the first layer done, and should have closed the door behind me, but . . . I didn't. And of course, who had to go hopping up on the sill? The little lord of the house. I actually managed to get there in time to see the cat - hopping up on the window sill, sliding on the wet paint and yowling his indignation while looking at me in shock. Thank goodness he was so stunned I was able to grab him before he hopped back down with the wet footprints.
We then proceeded to have a very unpleasant "washing of the paws and tail." He made sure I understood how awful this was, and how unhappy he was. I did manage to get most of the paint off despite the indignant struggling and howling. He was then banished from the room so that I could fixed the sill. Later I found him sulking in his basket. Poor little guy. After this blog post, I'll put another layer of paint on and too bed. Tomorrow I can put the rolling blind back up. Then I have to decide if I keep the purple curtain or go with the white? or none at all.

With a three day weekend, one might expect that I would want to spend all of my time getting my house in order, especially when I'm so close! But I decided instead, it was high time to get my rear in the studio. So that's what I did.
I finally finished the edition of Pacific. (Only to discover that I am short two covers, and I've got one page missing from the last book, grrrr.) But I'm so close! I also made all of the clamshell boxes for the edition. I decided that these three books need to be together. I've got to write a colophon which explains it all. Then I think it will be complete.
I also worked on the Perennial edition. I decided to change the paper and the cover. The paper will be a printmaking paper rather than blotter paper and the covering will be blue calf, rather than alum-tawed pig. The content will be the same.
All of the above will eventually turn into this:

Sorry for the bad pics. They will be better once I've got a good edition. That will also hopefully be soon. I realize the value now in editioning books right away. Then they are finished and one doesn't need to worry about them.

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Scrappy said...

I enjoy any glimpse I can get of your bathroom floor. I love it!
Your book is so beautiful. I wish I could see it in person.