Friday, May 22, 2009

Takin' Care of Business

Look at this great photo that Ann took while she was here! Isn't that adorable? She sent me a bunch of really great photos today. This one wins. :) Speaking of Jacques - he caught a mouse tonight. I was working in the studio and heard quite a commotion upstairs. Got up to investigate - and here comes Jacques with a mouse for me. Yippee. He was thrilled...
In other news. . .
It's Leah's birthday today - and I really wanted to get her a sledge hammer. Remember how much she loved knocking down the kitchen wall with me? But I couldn't find the right one, well I found one at a flea market - but then when I went back, it had been sold. I told her this over breakfast and she loved the idea - but thought it was good I didn't buy her one. She thought she'd be tempted to start knocking random walls down. Then she added that there is always next year . . . hee hee! That's true. Happy Birthday Leah!
After the very fun morning of breakfast, walk around Northern Liberties and Art Store, I had to get down to takin' care of business. My California car registration expires this month. Sadly, Sophia (my car) will no longer be a California girl. I went to pick up the new plates and tags today. I just can't bring myself to change them yet. I also finally got my PA licence changed to the right street address. Two things to cross off my list.
And the third thing to cross off was taking care of a new phone.
Last weekend, the phone decided it would cut out half the sounds. The important one at that - the one that lets me hear incoming callers. The sound when I shut the phone still works, as well as the alarms. But since I was missing important phone calls, I thought it best to upgrade.
And look how pretty it is!:
And lookit what it does!!! Isn't that cool???
You must understand, I was working with an ancient relic from 2004. When I showed my old phone to the sales people at Sprint they laughed. Keeping a phone for five years is pretty much unheard of. Although that seems a little wacky to me - why can't a phone last for five years. Does everything have to be disposable? This one is a super dooper upgrade for me, I can't believe all it can do. Internet, google maps, it's got a camera, built in gps, and a 512 MB card for extra information like music. It even has that old fashioned phone ring. :) So it's basically all of what I'd want from the iPhone, but for free. Yep - because I was upgrading on my plan - this phone was free! Wooohoooo! Now I just have to figure out how to work it. I managed to get to the camera - and I wanted to make the first picture be special - not something dumb. So I took a beautiful shot of one of my amaryllis blooms (I can't show you the pic. because I haven't figured out how to get the images off my phone . . . one thing at a time) Then I was done but couldn't figure out how to get out of the camera mode. So I promptly took pictures of my finger, the trashcan, and random carpets.

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