Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Bathroom Diaries: Day *^%^? : The Tub

I forgot to say that the tub came too! Jeff & Co. picked it up from Lowes on Friday, (I think?) And lugged it upstairs. He called me later and said, "It's here, and it's HUGE!" I said I wanted one big enough to play marco-polo in. Wish granted! It's 20 inches deep.

I guess the plumbers came back and on Monday because when I got home the tub was in and so are all of the water tubes, a big new hole in the hallway wall-to access the tubes - and probably the new floor as well? Although I'm not sure about that one. Lee is going to install a thermal floor. (big grin here!) It will be soOo nice not to put my tootsies on ice cold tile in the morning!

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Scrappy said...

Wow! A thermal floor!? I am so jealous!