Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Bathroom Diaries: Days 6 & 7

I came home to find a gigantic box in the vestibule from Tony. She had called me before I left to say she had sent it. It was a nice surprise to find it when I got home. Another Christmas/Birthday for me! But it's questionable who the gifts are actually for: Jacques immediately had to jump in the box and when the door mat came out it didn't take long for him to claim it.

As soon as I had changed into PJ's, sorted mail, and took stock of myself (I'm still sick, better, but sick, slept most of the flights, and am feeling a bit of jet lag…) I checked out what had been done in the bathroom.

Look at all that purple drywall!!! Isn't it fantastic! Wow - it's amazing. Did Jeff pick it out just for me??? (no - I asked today - that's just how it comes - but he said he thought I'd get a kick out of it).

And even though everything is kind of demolished, it really looks great with my colors doesn't it? Makes one think of changing one's mind completely of the color of the bathroom! (no - not really).
As I headed to the bathroom to see what had happened, I noticed something very curious - in my kitchen - someone had been having quite a good time! That little squirrel was still in the house!!! He ate half of my apple and some of my chocolate from Germany. Pooped ALL over the place, chewed up the towel under the dish strainer and left grody little footprints all over everything. He also did a real number on my plants in the living room; half of them were over turned and he'd dug up the soil. sigh.
So I spent the better part of an hour cleaning up and wondering if the squirrel had been chased out or was still around.

Well, I found out in the morning.

(Day 7:)

I'd shut the second floor door last night just in case. Jacques was very restless last night so I should have known. When we came down in the morning and opened the door - sure enough, something panicked and stormed across the room and into the kitchen. I went into the kitchen to see it jump up onto the top of my cabinets and run behind the blue bottles. It had left fresh poops everywhere for me and I decided that was enough. As I looked up to see if it was still behind the bottles it actually peeked out at me!
So I opened both windows hoping it would run out if I chased it, pushed a chair up to the cabinets, and grabbed a basket - ready to defend myself.
The moment I was face to face with the thing - it bolted. It raced across the back of the cabinets towards the windows, leapt down and as it was jumping down toward the windowsill, I took a swing at it meaning to shoo it out. But instead, I made contact and the squirrel flew out of the window barely touching with the edge of the 2nd floor roof. The dogs next door had already been alerted when I opened the windows and that squirrel must have landed on the grass right in front of them because they went crazy. I don't think the squirrel stopped for a second though, it charged right up the chain-link fence in front of them, up the hanging wires and landed on Mr. El's window sill. It sat there for a few seconds with the dogs really causing a ruckus beneath it before it tried running up the shingles, sliding back down almost landing in their jaws before some miracle propelled it up the shingles and over Mr. El's roof.
After this exciting start to the day I got to work to do end of year cleaning.
But I think I got everybody sick. Cary was still sick, Leah said she was very sick over the break, Dana came in and described the same symptoms as Leah had had and Cathleen said she was trying to fight it - but her lymph nodes were swollen. She eats really healthy though, so she might beat it. And then - Jeff the Contractor? It was my early day today - came home and found him sick too. Well, with as much sneezing and coughing as I've been doing, it's not really a surprise though is it? I still feel guilty… :( I hope I didn't get everyone in CA sick too.
Despite being sick, Jeff drilled the hole in the vanity.

Put the green board(?), (I'm not sure it that's what it's called or not, but that's the drywall that is for tiles) behind the tub . . .
And put the floor down.
I went off the find tile. The last stuff I really wanted was too expensive. $24/sqft. What I found today is $14/sqft. which is still expensive - but not quite as. So I've made a decision. (I think). The floor will be apple green and the tile behind the tub will be white. At any rate, I have to put the tile behind the tub in myself. I think this is fine because no one's going to see it behind the shower curtain anyway. I'll take the class at Home Depot - and we'll see how it turns out. Jeff has no confidence in my ability to do this. Well, we'll just see about that.

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Mike Ryan said...

Why is Jacques the sassiest most amazing cat I know. I love cats in boxes!

Also, everything looks really good, I can't wait to see everything completely finished in the flesh.