Thursday, December 11, 2008

Bathroom Diaries; Day 4

It's a good thing I had these today. It rained buckets all day long! I was supposed to go to an opening tonight at the Ice box for one of my last Center for Emerging Visual Artists shows, but you know - I'm still sick - on the upside of sick, but sick none-the-less and it was cold and pouring. Two of the women that run CFEVA are highly pregnant and I decided - not going. I have to sit in the gallery for 6 hours on Saturday watching all our stuff, I'll have a better chance to see everything then. I got a lot done here though, cleaned up the studio a bit (two hours worth). That on top of meeting with my financial advisor (I feel really grown up!) meeting with one of my great students, strategizing with Jeff the Contractor throughout the afternoon. . . I'm really tired.
So I'll just wrap things up quickly (well I'll try)
My orange walls have sustained some damage. I'll have to repaint them when the saga is over. I'm going to have to paint in my bedroom too so, no biggy.
Jeff spent most of the day being irritated with my house. Nothing is square - apparently the bathroom is 2" out of square. You can even see by the vertical piece of wood in the picture above how much he had to fix. That's not perspective - that's literally how much he had to cut off of a 2x4. or whatever he's using. But the ceiling is fixed and "it's not coming down now," he said smugly. Well good.
He also framed the door in and now my door jamb will be 6in. on one side and 5 on the other. Okay then. As long as the door shuts - I'll be happy.

And yes, for those of you who would like a better idea of where we are going - here's the vanity. See the last blog entry for the faucet. I will have a very big beautiful mirror over this as well - and behind it will be the mural.

NOW - it sounds like everything is going along hunky dory - right? Wrong. Well, things are pretty good, but not ALL good. On ? Tuesday he cut the water lines to the third floor. Then they cut the lines to the kitchen sink on the second. When he came on Wed. Morning to touch base - the kitchen sink was leaking through to my first floor studio. Thank goodness it had just started to leak - and we caught it before it gushed on some of my stuff. But the thing is - I thought he'd fixed it last night - so this morning I used the sink again - and came downstairs to find a pretty good drip. :( There was nothing underneath it anymore - but still. Now I need a new ceiling in my studio. Which could be a blessing in disguise because that is the one and only horrible-badly-plastered-ceiling in the whole house. So I get a new ceiling now rather than later. However - at the end of the day today, Jeff says, "Can you move out of that room?"(meaning soon) UGH! It is a really good thing that he is so nice - he really is (and that he looks like Patrick Swayze) because otherwise ...... aarrgh!
But as I was cleaning up the studio and thinking about all of this- the answer is really - no I can't. Not until mid-January. I'm teaching a new class in the spring at Moore - and I need to pull the syllabus together in a space where I can find everything. They're not coming back until Tuesday with the plumber so we'll see what he says about that then.

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