Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Bathroom Diaries; Day 2

Came home to find there is no water on the third floor. Too bad I found this out after I took care of some business. sigh. It's like my entire life is being invaded. Even though I'm completely beat - (because, I came home and left immediately to get the "vanity" from storage, did little grocery shopping, ate dinner, cleaned studio and graded projects for students) I feel the need to do the dishes so the contractors won't think I'm messy. And the real me - doesn't want to do the dishes. :( I want to go to bed. pout pout
But blogging? Absolutely I have time for that. . . .
Through what used to be my closet we can now see the hole where the mirror used to be or medicine cabinet I suppose.
Above is the floor I could stand on yesterday. And below is the new framing for the new tub. When I called Jeff this evening to say, "um, hey, I don't have water on the third floor?"
He said, "Oh, yeah, no you won't. We had to cut the lines. But you have water on the first and second floor."
Thanks for the heads up on that.
Well then he also told me there was no way a claw foot tub was going to fit into the bathroom. :(! But he's coming tomorrow morning at the crack of dawn to talk about how much room I do have and so that I can start looking at some possibilities. Ugh - why does this have to be so hard? (read: why do I have to have such peculiar taste?) If I could just be satisfied with a white bathroom - things would be very easy and done.
But that's soOo boring! I may have to settle for a sky blue toilet.

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Scrappy said...

I wish I could get in your head see your vision for your bathroom, I'll bet it is fabulous!
I can't wait to see what you end up with.