Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Doorway in the Studio

I've finally started finishing the doorway I knocked in in the studio way back at the beginning of August. Remember my Asbestos drama? Yeah - that was it. I don't know if I've been inspired by what has been happening in my bathroom or if the raggedy doorway is just driving me nuts - but I decided this was the weekend to tackle it.
I forgot that I was gallery sitting for our show at the Icebox on Saturday for six hours, that was a major crimp in the plans - but I ended up pretty much finishing a sweater I'd started after getting back from Germany. That was nice.I started by cleaning up the raggedy edges - and then remembered I had bought a new drill last night! :) I pulled it out and knew I was in trouble when I saw the packing tape keeping the drill's box closed. Sure enough, this drill was bought, used, and returned. There were scuff marks all over it and wood chips in the packaging. Some people have a lot of nerve.
I was really at a loss without the drill. So I headed back to Home Depot. I've had a little Black and Decker job for over 15 years. (A very good Christmas present from my dad) Unfortunately, it landed in the hands some someone who was not very nice to it - tightening the drill bits by running it, rather than just closing the chuck by hand, and so one of the teeth was sticking way out and there is now no way a drill bit will drill straight. Argh. I've finally realized I need a new one. I bought an 18v Rigid:You know, I finally understand Tim Allen and his stupid manly grunting over power tools. My little Black and Decker was a 7.2v. It's kind of like going from a Yugo to a Porsche - (I'm guessing on this one). The screw just melts into the wood like butter.

While I was at Home Depot I asked it there was a wider Miter box than 4". Nope. So I had to invent a new way to saw my 10inch boards. Necessity is the mother of invention! :) So I took my cast iron irons, plastic triangle, and my mini clamps (these things are the best), scored the wood with a box cutter and started sawing away. It works fine - and I'm not buying a massive saw to do this job. And since I sawed everything by hand today - I know I'll be hurtin' tomorrow. Ah the price we pay for what we want.

First board up.

Second board up.
All three boards up. And then start on the molding. More clamps to help get that in place.

I'm really glad I don't do this full time. Wood is finicky. It twists and turns and bends and I know I'm going to have to use a lot of spackle.

But it really cleans the space up nicely doesn't it? Tomorrow evening I'll finish up the other side. And then the spackling can begin.

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McD said...

Grrr! I can't stand those customers. I had a couple say a few choice words to me yesterday because we sold them a saw that had been returned used.
I have that same cheesy black and decker drill. (wedding gift) I saw it in the picture before I read the rest of the entry and thought, she must be nuts trying to do all that work with that little drill!
You are an amazing person. Look at all the work you are doing. I don't think that I could do half that work! Nice Job.
I guess you are a multifaceted artist!