Sunday, June 16, 2013

This all seems vaguely familiar...

 Remember this post? This was just over four years ago. Four years!

Why am I reminding you of this? Because Henry Sanding Floor is back. The kitchen floor on the third floor has taken a beating in the last three years:
Looks okay here, especially with the glare on the linoleum...
But when you get closer: 
Good grief. What happened here?  

Well, what happened is irrelevant. I have new tenants as of July 1st and have been trying to decide what to do about the floor. Either I have to replace the floor myself, with more linoleum, which clearly won't hold up long, OR, I can call Henry Sanding Floor again and ask him to do it. Bless the man, he came today (yes today! Sunday! The only day he can go and give estimates. He is so busy otherwise). And he's really good that's why he's so busy. 

He is coming this Friday (!) so I had to start demolishing the existing floor today. The first step was the foyer of the apartment, then the rest of the kitchen.  
After six hours I'm only half way through. There are five, count 'em five, floors here. Wood, horrible vintage black lineolum, ply-wood with sheet linoleum a la 1973, more plywood with linoleum a la 1988, and on top of that the black and white vinyl. 
And let me tell you something else... I forgot how much work this is! I am aching all over! I'm really going to pay for this tomorrow. I've got the arnica out and am going to try to get all the sore muscles tonight. But I'm sure I'll miss one or two. 

And Happy Father's Day Daddy! :) Aren't you glad you didn't come visit me for Father's Day? :)

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