Friday, June 14, 2013

Beautiful Day

It was an incredibly beautiful day today. It started sort of grey and threatened to rain. But by noon the sun made an appearance. It was a perfect day to do laundry, mow the lawn, trim the hedge, weed, more laundry, and finish painting the lattice under the porch.  
I spent most of the day outside in the cool 70's temperature weather. The garden is doing well: I've cut several garlic scapes, the sunflowers are waist high, the morning glories are growing, raspberries are doing very well.
Half way through hedge trimming who should appear but Mr. El. who owns the house next door. A few years ago he and Miss Mary (his wife) moved to western Pennsylvania, much to my sadness leaving four of his children in charge. But when he hugged me hello he whispered, "We're moving back - too much snow!" On one hand, I'm thrilled! Mr. El is 75 (today is his birthday - he told me:)), retired, home most of the day. He watches everything going on in the neighborhood. Phew - what a relief! On the other hand he is already threatening to build a new fence between our properties, a deck for Miss Mary that will block all of my winter sunlight to the garden, and yanking down the beautiful vines that are finally covering up the ugly wall. Poor man, he spent most of the day ranting about what a poor job his children did of taking care of the property. I'm sure these plans will take a while. I think ultimately - I would be very glad to have them back!
I finally finished painting the lattice for the bottom of the porch. I'm missing one - the one to go behind the raspberries. There might have been one that was too damaged to salvage. I can buy another one - or - leave it alone. The rasberries cover things up nicely.  
 And my first nasturtium has bloomed! There are lots of sprouts int he garden, but this is the first bloom.

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