Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Garden Bounty and more Floor

I was too exhausted last night to post, even though I had really planned to - especially with how the evening started. The bouquet is: garlic scapes, echinacea flowers, mint, melisse, parsley and chives. How lovely to have that sitting on my butcher block in the kitchen.  The chives were already used in the mashed potatoes for dinner (from my farm share!). The raspberries are in the fridge. I'm going to wait a few days and see if more ripen. There are quite a handful there. And because I sort of forgot about them they are all really ripe. They taste delicious - good enough for raspberry jam. hmmmmm. Maybe....
But the floor! the floor... oi! I'm too old for this.   
This is how far I got last night. Mostly I chipped away the yucky black linoleum that was adhered with tar. It stinks and is very hard to get off. I'm chipping away with the crow bar and hammer. I've got to get a bit further tonight.  
 But this is what I'm dealing with - what a pain. At least it is raining and a bit cooler than the last two days.

Of course in the middle of working on this The Inspector had to check things out:

 But the floor was not nearly as interesting as the fridge:
Shvoop! Up he goes - 

what? I'm just looking!


Melanie said...

LOL, hahahahahhaha. Jacques is such a silly guy!

tara said...

OMG - is he funny or what?