Friday, June 21, 2013

All my hard work....

After 18 hours of work, I am finished getting all of the layers off of the floor.
And -
I. am. pooped!

Let me show you why....

Wednesday evening start:  (or was it Tuesday? I can't remember anymore...)
Goal: Finish portion behind the stove - 
Two and a half hours later, time to shove the stove back in place and go to bed! 
Thursday - take a vacation day to finish all of this:   


The other inspector decided to brave all of the noise to see what was what up there...
There was no stickin' around after the noise started again. Instead he waited just inside the door of the 2nd floor (his apartment) watching up the stairs for when I would come down.  

Thursday I spent the entire day whackin' away at that awful black stuff. It was so strange, some of it popped right off and some of it wasn't comin' off for love or money.  
By 6:30 I had finally finished it all.

Of course after all of this, I got a call from Henry, he can't come.
But he did arrange for someone else to come in his place. sigh - what can I do? I've got to get this floor done. So Thomas is coming tomorrow. I really hope he is as good as Henry.  We'll see...  

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