Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I can't figure out which order they should be in but they are:
Should I choose easiest to finish? Should I choose most needed? (sigh)

Let's start with the bathroom . . . which is useless! Well, except for the main priorities of course. But for storing any toiletries it's useless. There are no cabinets! And you would think that by now I would have mounted one of my old cabinets to the wall and therefore wouldn't have this complaint. If only it were so easy. The room is so narrow that you can't just slap a cabinet up. Next thing you know you will be whacking you shoulder against the corner as you walk past, or hitting your head on it as you try to get up from the toilet. The room is very narrow - there is only about a foot of space between the shower curtain and the sink. This is a room slated for reconstruction whenever that finally starts.

The studio. . . which has just become a major priority (rather than just a priority) because I found out yesterday that my CFEVA (Center for Emerging Visual Artists) spotlight show (two person) is in November . Oh boy. After the Book Arts Fair in Korea I've been dying to get into the studio, but of course that was all but impossible. So here is the view of what will become the studio. And after three hours of unpacking boxes, moving things around, trying to decide what needed to be unpacked and what didn't, this is the best I could come up with: At least there is an empty table that believe it or not I can put a chair in front of and get some work done.

Last priority; finishing the bedroom. It's really only a priority because I really want something in this house to really be finished! All I need to do is put the molding around the room on the bottom of the baseboards. When my dad and Ann were here, they took me for a shopping spree to Home Depot - and oh, they bought me lots of goodies! I got yards of molding to finish this job, a miter saw, a hack saw, a vacuum, . . . all the stuff a girl dreams of having.
So while I was rearranging the boxes in studio 1 - I set up other boxes in studio 2 to paint the molding. How's that for multitasking? Studio 1 and studio 2 are separated by a wall at the moment - which will come down when construction starts. Just in case you were curious about the rest of the bedroom - here it is. And YES! I picked those colors and YES! I like them. You should have seen it (and smelled it) before. Eew.

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