Thursday, July 24, 2008

Later that same day . . .

The day was very productive.
At 9:30, Eric from Goffredo Plumbing came and was very kind and answered all of my questions about what I wanted done and what I needed done. This included deciding about a washer and dryer on the first floor, and renovating the bathroom on the second floor - as well as general leaks, questions, planning etc. I must say - he was great! and then he gave me a list of names of people he works with. I'll keep you posted about them!
At 2:00 Bud's Drain Cleaning came and snaked the drain in the 2nd floor bathroom. Bud needed entertainment while he worked, but it got the job done. I think my drain is now cleared of "yuckies" (his technical term), and I think I can take a shower now with out standing in 4 inches of water.
At 3:00 Generation 3 Electric came and took care of all of the madness in the basement. (Sorry - no pictures at the moment.) There were exposed wires and open junction boxes which had prompted a nasty letter from my insurance company which stated that they would cancel my insurance because of said issues if I didn't take care of them by August 7. I took care of them. Now Tony - my fabulous insurance agent from Nation Wide Insurance - just needs to come take pictures of the whole thing and I can cancel the check they already sent me as a refund. Sheesh!
While the Marx Brothers were in the basement whoopin' and hollerin' - yours truly was out in the yard working on my discovery from Saturday. My empty lot? - is really a meadow. And actually, I have two meadows; one in the front/side and one in the back. The rest of this post concerns itself with the front/side.
I decided last Saturday (in the 85-degrees-by-9am-as-only-Philadelphia-can-produce-it-heat) that I should mow my front/side meadow. I had bought a push mower (Scotty) which my dad (the best dad in the whole world) put together last week while he and Ann were visiting. I wasn't very successful because I have some weird plant that has long stalks which evade the mower blades. But that's another blog entry. At any rate, I had heard from my neighbors and the structural engineer that there should be a brick side walk next to the house. So. . . once I was done mowing, I went in search of the brick walkway. I found it.
Today, I spent two hours clearing it. I only got through half of it. Not because of time, but because of garbage can space - another blog entry for another time. Front side view - please note the bottom right corner. View of the back of the wrap-around porch.The meadow which conceals a treasure!Ta- Da! There is a brick walkway! Stay tuned for the unveiling of the entire walkway.

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scrap chair potato said...

Wow! You accomplished a lot for one day!
Your house is beautiful... and I know that pictures probably do not do it justice.
I can't wait to see the rest of that walkway.