Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Life of a House

Okay - so the less formal - more diary type entry about this blog, my house, and what I want to do with all of this starts here. Here's my house! Mine, mine mine! Yippee! It's so wonderful!
I started last September really seriously looking with the most fabulous real estate agents in the world, O'Donnell Real Estate, We must have looked at every house that came on the market and it just wasn't right. Just when I was really starting to despair, this little gem came on the market, we went and looked, there were five owl prints in the bathroom, and I knew it was my house.
It is a triplex right now. I want to make it a duplex, live on the first two floors and rent out the third. It is on a double lot, which means I have an enormous yard! This is relative, of course, because it's pretty tiny compared with yards in CA. HOWEVER, it's wonderful and it's all mine mine mine!
After I had complete possession - owner and two tenants moved out at the end of May - I did a lot of work to make the place bearable to move in by June 1st. I was so excited about moving in, I didn't think to document the horrible army green walls on the first floor, or the nasty nasty carpet on the stairs in the second floor. I just wanted the color changed and the carpets out! But now that I live here, and am watching the transformation I'd like to document everything. I hope you might find it interesting too.

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Tara said...

OOps, I just re-read this and it should read: to move in by July 1st. Between the "end of May" and June 1st is no time to do anything, least of all, all the stuff I did. I moved in the last weekend of June.