Saturday, July 26, 2008

The bricks revieled

Before:After:I'm finished! Both of my neighbors who've lived next door for 30 years, peeked over the fence and hedge and shouted, "You found it!" Boy did I. There it is, the beautiful walkway. It really makes such a difference visually and also just getting around in the yard. It's so much easier to push one's bike over the bricks than the lumpy grass.
I don't know how coherent this blog will be because I'm super tired. I finished the hard part of pulling up the weeds today. I've got some plant that has firmly rooted itself beneath the bricks. I ended up pulling some of the bricks up to get at it. I also got a fantastic sunburn for my troubles. The best part is I didn't realize my shirt had crawled up my back so I have a nice two inch wedge of burnt skin across my lower back. Fun. The next faze of this job will be to add dirt between the loose bricks and replace missing bricks. I also need to reconstruct part of the walkway next to the house. This shouldn't be a problem since there is a pile of bricks in the back corner of my yard.
It was another beautiful day in Philadelphia. Warm, but not so humid and a nice breeze. One of the best features of my house is that I have windows on three sides. The ventilation is great. I haven't needed air conditioning for the past three days. One of the other great features of occupying a tri-plex by oneself? The spiced plum pie I'm baking is on a different floor and not heating up my kitchen.
Here are a few more images of the walkway. The first one shows more of the bricks in front of the back of the porch steps.

This one shows the front of the house as seen from the side. There is a before picture in the previous post.


McD said...

How could someone let the brick get covered? I take it the house was rented for a long period of time.

scrap chair potato said...

Ooooooo. I love it!