Friday, July 25, 2008


Oh Golly.
Did Y'all know that the human body has special muscles used only for weeding? Well, I found that out when I was trying to get out of bed this morning. Oh boy.
Worked all day on the 97th Pennsylvania Regiment of something, (boring) and a group of pamphlets put together about the Masons ca. 1835 with a very cryptic dedication letter to the rest of the "brethren." Much more interesting. But I really wanted to be home yanking up more of the meadow that is covering my walkway!
We are having a reprieve from usual hot and humid Philadelphia summer and I wanted to take advantage of the "low" humidity. So I've been out there for yet another hour plus, yanking at the weeds. It's coming along. It's kind of like excavating though. I can't believe how much stuff I'm finding, living things and inanimate objects. So far I've got: a button, several bottle caps
my neighbor, Mr. El's whatchamacallems, the things you put cigarettes in to smoke, several glass bottles, all of the garbage under the porch - ugh, clothes pins, string, a metal bar, plastic clothes hanger, cans, and I can't remember the rest.
In the living things department the spiders are definitely winning. Apparently it's egg laying season in my neighborhood because I've seen dozens of mommy spiders zipping away from me with their egg sacks. As long as they stay out of my house they are welcome to the garden. Now that doesn't count the ants because I think I've got an ant nest about every foot along the path. Hmm. There are dozens of beautiful little golden beetles - I've seen them in CA too. I've unearthed a couple of worms, some other grubs, a bunch of pill bugs (as we used to call them, but I think they have another name), ants with wings? or are they termites? One big ugly black beetle and like I said, more spiders - different species too - than I really would like to spend a lot of time on.
When my hands hurt too much and my knees didn't want to be on the grass any more I came inside. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining! After four years of no yard - this is glorious! I love it! Fresh air, a breeze, dirty fingernails, the three German shepards next door watching and snapping at the flies, birds chirping. . . it's the best.
Sorry no pictures with this post - but if you need images visit one of my favorite websites: I put it on a link for you.

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scrap chair potato said...

Sorry about the sore muscles. I hate weeding because of the creatures I find. My boys are going to LOVE the whatsthatbug site. Thanks for sharing it with us.

In your email you asked about blog books. I have made one at and I wrote about it on my blog if you want to check it out. I don't know how to put a link on a comment but if you go to my blog and look in the archives I posted about it on April 3, 2008.

I am really excited you are blogging!