Sunday, March 30, 2014

March comes in like a lion...

and goes out like a lamb? Hm. I guess that's all relative. It rained all weekend. ALL. weekend. But at least it didn't snow! Some of the crocuses are done, but some are still waiting in the wings. 

There are lots of daffodils and tulips that are eagerly waiting for some warm sunshine.  

 And while yes, there was no snow, and yes, it was in the 50's all weekend, it still wasn't really gardening or kitty-outside weather. But that last fact didn't ever seem to sink in to my little garden panther. He would want out-out-out! but when the door opened he would freeze, then sit down in the door way, as if astonished that it would still be raining!
 And of course then I would hear all about it.  But eventually he would wander out for a little while. 

I had a wonderful weekend in the studio. Really wonderful.  I made big progress on editioning Plenum. This has been a long time coming...

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