Saturday, March 1, 2014

A light in the bathroom

 For four years I have wanted something other than this:
This is really not so bad, however, I'd really like to have the shade up all the way. Unfortunately until today, this was the view: 
 For the last four years I've been intending to get a window decal from Home Depot to take care of the visibility problem but somehow, it was such a low priority - it never happened.
Last night I had dinner with my friend Jessica at her place ans she showed me her "window decals," - it was Japanese paper made into a decal! WELL! I can do that! So I rummaged in my paper collection and found some beautiful sheets from my trip to Korea. Shortly before my house purchase back in 2008, I was invited to Korea for a Book Arts symposium. I was so honored and it was such an amazing journey! I met wonderful people and had such incredible experiences. One was to a Korean paper "factory." The "factory" was a family operation - Father, two Sons, Mother and Grandmother, and a barn.  Unbelievable.  Needless to day - I brought home a lot of wonderful paper.  And here, almost 6 years later I have occasion to use some of it.
I cooked some wheat paste - and pasted the paper out - 
 And put it on a freshly cleaned window.  The watermark pattern in the paper is really beautiful. 
Smoothed it out - and called it a day. 
The preliminary experience is that this is exactly what I wanted! Something to let light in - but not the neighbor's gaze.
 Here it is prior to drying. As I spent the rest of the day trying to get used to all of the extra light, I still felt as though I had made the right decision.  Can't wait to show you the window once the paper is dry.  


ihanne said...

SOO great to see this combination of your Korean paper and wheat paste for the window. Thanks for the idea!!!
Also you just remindet me of that lovely trip to "the factory" - king of magic when you think about it. (Only too bad it was before you started bloggeing. Could be so nice/fun to scroll back (way back) and see your pictures and comments on this...)

tara said...

Thanks Hanne! I'm so excited about how well it worked out. It seems like there is a lot of possibility there. And yes, it is too bad I hadn't started blogging, that was truly an amazing trip.