Sunday, April 6, 2014


say it with a big sigh... s p r i n g  

Ah, it seems like it might really be here. Even though I have several people in my life who have said it's not spring until after April [fill in the number] because my [fill in the relation] was born on April [fill in the number- again ] in a major snow storm. So. I'm still nervous. 

After this winter... I can honestly say this spring has never been more welcome. Even though it is still in the 40's at night and barely breaking into the 60's during the day, we are thrilled.
My five-year-old orchid that is happy in the bathroom with rainwater (only) has bloomed it's most impressive array yet. 

I am enjoying crocuses and daffodils in the garden. So many things have started growing, it's almost hard to keep track. Raspberry leaves have started, the roses have little green nubs and the forsythias are going to explode into bloom any minute now.
It was also the first weekend West River Drive was closed to automobiles; open only to "foot mobiles" - and we were an eager bunch. Lots of pasty-skinned people who needed to be out! And there is evidence of spring out there as well. Daffodils in the strangest places and trees that are going to be full of flowers any second now.

Yes, I think deep down, we are all sun-seekers. Jacques found this spot even though he knows he is not supposed to be on table tops.
He was forgiven because of the obvious enticing sunbeam.  

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