Friday, July 8, 2011

I'm a wild foodie!

Well, I finally did what I threatened to do... try eating my weeds.
Here is a bunch of lamb's quarters growing in my tomatoes. I've always had to weed this stuff like crazy. I don't know how so much of it can seed itself in my yard, but it does. So after the event at the Wyck house I decided to let it grow, so I could harvest some, so I could eat it.
I pulled up bunches of it. made a nice clear space in the tomato garden came inside, cleaned it up, and cooked it in a little bit of olive oil and some garlic.
All of the websites say this stuff tastes just like spinach. Boy are they right! It's pretty delicious. I'll have to try it as a salad next time. Supposed to be just as good. And don't worry - there is plenty left in the garden.
I also have tomatoes coming!!! I'm super excited about these. Of the 12 plants in the garden only one or two have fruits. They are growing like crazy, but I hope the others get fruits soon. I also have some baby zucchini's and a few beets are starting to show up.
In the last few minutes it decided to dump on us. A massive thunderstorm has parked itself over my neighborhood. This is good - we need this! It's pouring. Unfortunately I had sheets on the laundry line. Those will have to be done again. But it is nice and cool for a change.

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