Sunday, July 17, 2011

Garden and Birkshires and kitties!

My newest kitty is still here. I'm not sure what's going on with Lucky. He can be very sweet, but today when I got home he was not a happy camper. He also hasn't pooped in several days... so now we need to go see the doctor for sure. I just hope he's not pooping somewhere else I just haven't discovered yet. I haven't smelled anything suspicious though. I've tried introducing him to Jacques and Swee'pea. It's not going well. Mostly because Lucky is so vocal about his displeasure. He sure is a character.
Had a little bbq last weekend and made some mint ice cream. Pretty yummy stuff! Fresh mint from the garden. I mixed it with the sugar for the cream. It's perfect for chocolate syrup and strawberry jam and... ???
My first zucchini also showed up. I'm a bit surprised that there aren't more. I thought I would be inundated. But I'm not. There is another one growing now. But only one.
My tomatoes are flourishing. I finally have close to ten fruits on the vines. I am really looking forward to those. The fruits are getting quite large too - they must start turning red soon?
Flowers are doing well also - I have lots of these. They are next to my firey-orange cosmos. Looks very beautiful.
Blueberries!! I've got two ripe ones. Watch out.
Basil - oodles of it. I ran out of olive oil so it's all washed and waiting for me to do something with it tomorrow after I buy more olive oil.
And look what I found when I went to cut some parsley! Another caterpillar. Remember Fred? Same little guy (I think). So now the little guy is in a jar chomping on my parsley and well see what he turns into.
And yes I was in the Berkshire's, Western Massachusetts this weekend. It was absolutely lovely. Melanie has an amazing house - now with horses, hot tub, clean air, and a sparkling pool. Very lovely. There are also two barn cats. Who are new mommies. Here is Tiger with the 8 little ones. The litters are about a week apart. They are so cute!

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Melanie said...

Oooooooo! They are so cute!