Sunday, May 8, 2011

Oh right, I have a blog!

Here it is the eve of the three year anniversary of owning my home and I should really post. I've been meaning to since last time. But you know how that goes when you have too much to do - sometimes you just let it go until it really IS too much to do and well... this is one of those times.
Since the last post - I had to purchase a new computer. Yes, my poor baby kept kept suddenly falling asleep on me. Having a narcoleptic computer is not fun when you are trying to create new documents. Each time one fears that everything has crashed and all is lost. So I preemptivley bought the new one.  And it is fabulous! Moves at the speed of light, everything uploads quickly, and oh there are so many wonderful bells and whistles.  But I lost a few of my favorite things from my vintage computer. There used to be a button to press and all of the open windows would go away so you could see what was on your desk top.  That's gone. And I don't like the screen. It is too reflective. It's beautiful in the dark - but working outside in the yard is a nightmare. My face starts to hurt from squinting too much.  But let's talk about the life of the house shall we?
So after putting up the o-so-subtle-10ft-tall fence, I decided to add a "deck." I don't like having my table flying around in the middle of the grass. It makes it a pain to mow. Because of course I don't move it. So I decided it would be nice to have a deck that would be level. I've been thinking about laying bricks or flag stones down in the back to create a bit of a patio. But funds are low and that is a heck of a lot of work. I'm not sure where the brainstorm came from to get four shipping palettes from work, and lay decking wood across them. Looks good, eh?
Looks even better with the decking on it But you'll have to trust me on that because I can't find the picture. That's what happens when you wait so long to blog. 
My outside garden finally came to life - six weeks later than last year. We had such a cold miserable April. Most of it was the 50s and 60s. We finally had a few scattered days of 80 and the garden took advantage of that and exploded - weeds and all.

 Who knew? Violets are weeds? Well I'm okay with that. All of the violets I transplanted last year came up exactly where they were supposed to and the yard was very purple.  After the initial blooming, the wild strawberries bloomed too - it was quite lovely to have the little purple and yellow flowers everywhere. 
The indoor garden was also started at the beginning of April. I started all kinds of seedlings from various seeds. My most proud achievement are the tomato seedlings made from the seeds I brought back from Germany. I really hope they are as good as the ones they came from. 

They were transferred outside this week and then next weekend I will put them in the ground. I need to get some more compost and decide where to put all of these plants. Flowers from last year are coming back stronger than ever. The echinacea flowers and mini sunflowers are doing very well. And something that I know I planted is back in full force. But beats me what in the heck it is! I guess we'll find out together. 
And for some reason blogger has "updated" all of its fabulous features and I cannot upload vertical images!? So you will have to use your imagination.
Of course my house has not been without its charming problems. Towards the end of April, we had some really crazy rain storms. It must have been residual from the tornado madness from the south. At any rate my window-of-the-perpetual-leak on the second floor couldn't take it. It just started raining right through. It did not go to the 1st floor thank goodness. But I had to have some major buckets ready. 
 A roofer came on Monday and caulked everything up. It leaked a bit the the following storm but nothing like before.
And Jacques and Swee'pea? Oh they are getting along famously.
Yup, those would be my boys snuggled up together. I wouldn't go so far as to say they are best friends but I think Jacques is happy for the company. They play together a lot, but Jacques is happy when he gets to be in the garden with me - without Swee'pea. Swee'pea is happy when we are alone together in the apartment. He's my little buddy - he follows me everywhere. It's fun having him. We are still at the learning stage where Swee'pea is learning to trust me. Before when I would pick him up he would freak out and have to be up on my shoulder. As of a few days ago I can cradle him in my arms. Water is still a fascinating thing and he has finally discovered the toilet - Jacques favorite fascination as well.

Of course the month couldn't pass with all good things. My great aunt died on April 19th. She would have been 100 in August. And while I am very sad that she has passed - it is still okay. She lived a great life. She lived with no fear or worry. She enjoyed people, talking, good company, and good wine. I am so glad I got to see her in March. Despite her delirium it was a good visit with good memories. My poor uncle though... I don't think he knows what to do with himself. They were together for almost 60 years. I talked to him this morning on the phone and he said how much he misses her. I can only imagine what he's going through right now. 

In other news, today was spent working on blogs - this one and the Pinkknit-a-thon. This was the knitting project we did last year, and I hope that this year goes even better than last year. Check out the new design. I even had postcards printed. I spent this morning down by the Art Museum passing them out to all the awesome people doing the Komen Race for the Cure. I had some good responses so I hope we get some people to join.  Feel free to let all your friends know.

And last I will leave you with a recipe.
Sesame Beets.
a bundle beets
sesame oil
sesame seeds
salt - optional

slice beets very thin. Toss in sesame oil. Roast in the over at 350 for half an hour, tossing every 10 minutes. Sprinkle sesame seeds on the dish before serving. Enjoy!

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