Friday, September 3, 2010

Little by Little

Remember this? The tree that took over most of the back yard? It got trimmed:
Now I just need to get grass to grow underneath it. (for now). This has been a long time coming! In the snow storms last winder the tree really spread out and cast too much shade in the yard. I actually wanted to have the whole thing taken down. But Hal (the arborist) convinced me to just cut the bottom branches out and thin out the top. What a smart man!Now I've got the most ideal situation possible. My bedroom is still looking into only greenery, but the yard will have so much more sun. The only unfortunate thing is that I have a lovely view of my neighbors yard - ahem - dump. He claims he's going to build a garage there - that was supposed to happen three weeks ago. I'm going to have to grow some quick growing vines there to hide that mess.
Worked on my windows last night too. I washed them.
They are not quite clear because I also need to wash the inside. But all of the filth and dirt that was making it very foggy when the light was coming through is gone. And it looks great.
Here's a good shot of the wood as well. It was too hot last week to work on them. So I took a hiatus. I'm getting my school stuff started, people visiting, cleaning, getting the apartment rented. Its all a ton of work.

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