Sunday, September 12, 2010

I love being a farmer

My harvest from last night. An enormous bowl of cherry tomatoes, a small bowl of the second raspberry crop, thyme, my first green onion which was ready to pull - and after two months of anticipation, the first cantaloupe.
I was just beginning to wonder how I would tell when the cantaloupes were ripe when I was looking at them yesterday evening. One of them still has dark green stripes, but this one is completely covered with the "net". So I lifted it to smell it (that's how I always check them out in the grocery stores, and the perfume that come off of it - wow! Perfect cantaloupe scent. When I went to put it back because I though, oh, maybe one more day - I realized, the thing had picked it self. It was not longer connected to the vine. I guess that answers that question.
But I probably should have let it sit on the counter a bit longer. The flavor isn't quite there yet. There were little hints of it - but not quite right. It's still incredibly satisfying to pick and eat something you've grown yourself.

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Scrappy said...

Yummy! I wish I had had the time/money/good dirt to plant a garden this year.
That is a beautifully composes picture BTW. :)