Friday, September 10, 2010

Laboring on Labor Day

Sounds appropriate don't you think? Laboring on Labor Day? Okay, well, to be honest, I didn't labor too much on Labor Day. We had a BBQ which was fun. But the day before - I spent the entire day painting the kitchen on the third floor. I'm really pleased with it and as I expected pictures just can't do it justice. There is something about the sun shining in in the afternoon which just can't be captured on camera. I finished painting on Tuesday evening and ever since then I've been doing the last little bits. The insides of the closets, the door with ultra high gloss etc. Now I'm cleaning. I wanted to clean all of today and get it finished, but I got a bit side tracked. I also think I overdid things a bit. I'm exhausted. Around noon I took an hour and a half nap. It was really great.
Yesterday I found this beautiful spider web on my front porch.

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Scrappy said...

Beautiful... the kitchen and the web!