Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hybrid Book Weekend

Well My Dears, the madness of Hybrid Book is over, and it was well worth it. The conference was fantastic, the panels were interesting and diverse. It seemed to give a much needed infusion of energy into Book Arts specifically. I also had great success at the fair - I sold a few things, hope to sell a few more to librarians who came through, but we'll see. I feel like I made out like a bandit anyway by trading for books I wanted! Here's some of my new loot:

Marshall Weber from Booklyn stayed at my house and brought some books for my "education" collection: He is part of Booklyn, a book arts cooperative. My impression is that they do a lot of offset printed multi edition books. Some of which are very cool.

Every participant in the conference was given a festschrift for Hedi Kyle:Hedi is a very prominent Book Artist primarily concerned with structure. Her close friends and colleagues each wrote directions for a book and dedicated it to Hedi. Rutherford Wittus compiled the book. It's very cool, but I havn't had time to really look at it in depth. Can't wait for that.

As Alumni we also received some extra goodies:This is a zine that Katie and Mary made. It's very cool and heartfelt. I'm really glad I got a copy.
And Gunnar Kaldewey (invited guest) and Chip Schilling (UArts BookArts, MFA alumnus) each donated a copy of a book for us as well:
Then I bought some things. Bea Nettles has a fantastic book of instructions:And I bought this very special book from Vamp and Tramp as Bill was trying to pack everything up. This beautiful little book is about the miracle of a butterfly hatching, observing a little girl experiencing the birth of a butterfly and the authors thoughts about her reactions. The outside of this one page book is painted to resemble a monarch butter fly and the story is printed on the inside. Jacques liked this one too. It has strings on it, you see, to represent the antennae. But anything with a string on it is fair game in a kitty brain.

And then I traded for three fabulous books!
This beautiful on is by Sun Young Kang - who was the recipient of three (!) purchase awards from the fair! Yeah! (And she's a UArts alumna)

Nicole Eiland's book done with cyano types:

And Lisa Hasegawa's very poignant book about thinking one put one's foot in one's mouth, and how to resolve it.

And after the weekend was over I returned to work to find a package from Ann and my dad with a brand new replacement fork and an egg spoon in my cutlery pattern. :) How fun is that!?
I need to quit now, I meant to do this post at 4:30 this morning while I was wired. But the funny this is that even though I was wide awake at 2:20 and ran around getting ready for the movers (today), when i sat down to do the post my eyelids started to droop, as they are doing right now. The move went mostly well - we love Mambo Movers! And I will post all about it tomorrow.
Good Night.

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