Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What a Beautiful Day

I woke up this morning with a feeling like Christmas. Giddy excitement - a general feeling that today was a special day. In spite of the grey rainy wheather, it was such a beautiful day. The greyness amplified the vibrant fall colors. I waited until 9:30 to vote - waited in line for 45 minutes, and proudly pushed the VOTE button for Obama. There was a feeling of good will everywhere. A conversation in line in front of me talked of a woman who was driving up from DC to make sure her 85-year-old parents could participate in this historic election. People who had participated in the '60s and never thought they would live to see a black president.
Around 3 I started driving people to the poles - well only one people, the others were picked up by someone else. I then drove campaign info to different places and was finally sent out to canvassers up in north west Philadelphia. I knocked on doors of one block - everyone said they had voted except for the nut who opened his door and told us they put their faith in the kingdom of heaven and they wouldn't be participating in what was going on down here.
At 7:30 the canvasser in charge got off his cell phone and said quietly, "they called Pennsylvania for Obama." We couldn't believe it - everyone said, "really?" YES! Group hug, 6 complete strangers hugging each other - a car on the corner started flashing its lights and honking at us, the contents screaming "OBAMA!"
I went to a late dinner with friends - the restaurant was empty. 10:30 got back home to work on the artwork I still haven't finished that must be installed tomorrow.
At 11:03 - the city went crazy. I could hear people screaming, cars honking. It's two hours later and cars are still driving down my street honking. I am thrilled that this victory is receiving the same response as the Phillies victory less than a week ago! I was hoping for this. I am so proud of us. Obama's speech was wonderful - and as I listened, I thought, what will he do after his presidency - well, I think he'll just have to win the Nobel Peace price for something, right?

The song running through my head as I write is Louie Armstrong's, What a Wonderful World…oh yeah.


Anonymous said...

Just heard the acceptance speech. Congratulatons US people. You can!

scrap chair potato said...

So exciting. I love what this says about our generation and what it means for my children's generation. Nothing is impossible. Awesome!