Friday, November 7, 2008


The reason there have been so few blog entries about what I'm doing in my house is because I've been madly working on my two-person show. The opening was tonight. I have mixed feelings about the work, but the response was generally positive. Here are some of the pictures.
Adrienne and Mary too. Adrienne was the first person to see this work, since she was the first to install it during the show she invited us to have in Venice - thanks Adrienne!

This book has stitched text and contains an abalone shell. I promise to write up a better blog entry with the entire book and the whole text. This is the piece I have the most mixed feelings about.

A Single Seed
An accordion book with an image of an orchard. The trees have been stitched with gold thread and there is a yellow pearl hanging at the end of each tree.

Will also send more images of this. This one was popular.
Interns, volunteers and coworkers extraordinaire!
Cathleen was supposed to be in this picture as well, but she was making a face that if I had been making, I would have been upset that someone else posted, so I cropped her out. Sorry Cathleen! We'll have to do an honorary post later. Cathleen is the Archivist for the Chew Family papers. To see her handy work, check out the blog:
Mike (left) is our front desk guy (Visitor Services I think?) and exhibitions guy. He also graciously volunteers in the conservation lab on his day off - way to go!
Leah (center) is our fantastic Conservation Technician for the Chew Papers. She started with an internship - conserving a wedding certificate album which took over 300 hours of work. Thanks Leah!
Christopher (right) is our amazing volunteer who is rehousing all of our nitrate negatives. A super boring job, but he's still here. :) Lots of good karma for you.

Hedi Kyle and Katie Baldwin - two fantastic book artist to whom I owe a great debt for many different things. Thank you!

Nodin and me. Nodin's mommy is my Swiss friend Nicole, Nodin is four month old with the fattest cheeks. Yup, he's adorable.

And finally, the two relieved artists - well, I can only speak for myself. Caleb seems unfazed by the whole thing in a calm sort of way, (do I look a little green in this image?)

Now! Back to the house . . . 8am tomorrow, a contractor is coming to start looking at the bathroom so that we can re-do that.

It's been a heckuva week. Lots of stress, emotion, ups and down and the time-change didn't help either. Three of the amazing ladies I taught with in California are coming for the weekend tomorrow. I am really looking forward to spending time with them and relaxing.

Then it will be back to the house. I have tulip bulbs to plant.

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scrap chair potato said...

I wish I could see all of this in person. It looks like it was as awesome night!

P.S. Nodin IS adorable!! Plus, I LOVE your hair. You look beautiful.