Saturday, November 15, 2008

Catch-up Blog #2 - Our Grand Day Together

These images are a bit out of order but - I guess that's okay. Those who were there know what order they should be in and for those who weren't, it doesn't matter anyway!

Monday was a fantastic day. I had to work in the morning, and the ladies joined me at HSP around 11. I showed them some of my favorite things including, Martha Washington's cook book, Waldseemüller's map from 1507 - the first map which labels the continent "America" (well it's a facsimile - the only known copy is at the Library of Congress), Chew papers, and the Alfonse Mucha print. Then our wonderful library director, kindly opened some of the drawers of our "special" collection and showed them the first written draft of the Constitution, the two printed Emancipation Proclamations, our partial Declaration of Independence, a lock of George Washington's Hair, and ?? oh, right, a diary with the account of Mr. Washington's death. I think they enjoyed it? :)
Then we picked up lunch at Letto Deli - the best little deli in Philadelphia. Strolled down to the Center For Emerging Visual Artists and looked at my show. Then we sat in Rittenhouse Square and ate lunch. This is a spectacular place to eat lunch at any time, but with the golden leaves lying around everywhere, people half winter dressed, half not, and a brisk breeze - a drippy chicken melt on rye really hits the spot. Then we wanted to go to Valley Forge, but not before stopping by Naked Chocolate - the best chocolate place in Philadelphia, if not the entire U S.

Valley Forge (for my international readers, and anyone else who needs a little brush up on US history) was the site of the camp of the American Continental Army over the winter of 1777–1778 in the American Revolutionary War. The troops were lead by General George Washington. It was a place of bitter cold and we all have visions of soldiers in threadbare clothing half freezing to death. However, as we found out, winter was not when most died. They died in the spring when disease became rampant.
We got there in the afternoon around 3pm, which means at this time of year the sun is already starting to sit low in the sky. We still had two hours of light, but it was late afternoon light, the kind which sets already vibrant colors aflame.

However, it doesn't make taking back lit images very easy. Here are the four of us in front of a cabin in which 12 men lived. I had put the camera on a stump and set the self timer. Had I just made us face the other way - we would have had deer in the background of the picture: The deer were everywhere. At one point Linda made me stop the car so she could lean out the window and take more pictures. :)
It was so beautiful to be out there. They were impressed with the size of the place. We drove all around it and stopped at different points. It was windy and chilly but it was quite beautiful.

Since Linda is a late October baby we went to Susanna Foo's for dinner. I think they liked it. :)
Marsha had the duck, Judy had the shrimp and Linda had the Moo Shoo Pork and I had the fillet minion - after - the dim sum platter and before the desert. YUM. Oh yummy. That place is a real treat.

On Tuesday everyone went their separate ways.

Jacques and I both miss our ladies. It's very quiet now that they are gone. Every morning I let Jacques out of the apartment and he walks out, looking up the stairs with his ears perked up listening intently to see if anyone might be upstairs. It was a wonderful visit - so much good conversation, such easy house guests - and really wonderful companionship. I'm so happy they came and I really looking forward to the next visit. They gave me a very generous gift certificate to Restoration Hardware… I'm pretty sure I will be able to use it right quick like. :) Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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