Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What happened on Sunday

Remember the Home Depot Delivery Guy who wanted to marry me? - Here's the other part of what he brought: Jacques and I had such a nice day outside on Saturday, so after I mowed my lawn on Sunday I just kept ripping things out of the ground that didn't belong there. Before I knew it, I had cleared all the weeds from behind the bbq and around the water spigot. During my home inspection we discovered a leak in the basement - well - actually it was pretty obvious since the back of the basement was damp and there was a water vac. in that corner. At any rate - The home inspector and my real estate agent told me I could solve the problem by grading the land around that corner. One is supposed to put dirt on the ground starting from the house and grade it down one inch per foot from the house. The the water runs away from the house rather than straight down the walls into the basement. Makes sense, right? I still have the nagging feeling that I didn't do it correctly. Well, I gave it the first shot - I took the rest of the barley grass seeds I had for my "Documentation" Book (the one made of plexiglass pages where I grow the grass in the pages), and spread them over the soil. Hopefully I will have little green spikes by this coming weekend. Next summer I will replace the bricks the previous owner pulled up trying to fix the leak from the foundation of the house.
In other news - update on my Zinnias:

Yep - they bloomed. Not all of the little plants made it, but about 1/2 of them did. It's very exciting, this little bit of success in the garden. I bought tulip and daffodil bulbs, and some iris bulbs? doesn't sound right. Will plant those in October.
Here are my petunias - still perkin' along, making us all happy with their bright color.

And, if all of the reports are true, we are supposed to have a very cold and snowy winter. I'm all for it. I found this guy on a branch, I hope that he is doing something about that and not planning on mooching off of the ants.
He's pretty neat, eh?

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