Thursday, September 11, 2008

The thrid electricain

My third (or second - depending on how you look at it) electrician is a Quaker. This is his truck. Click on the image to read all of the bumper stickers.
I have lots of thoughts about this, but I'll start with why I called him.
It turns out that the meters for the second and third floors were reversed. I received a bill for the third floor (which has nothing plugged in - not even the fridge) for $43. I received a bill for the second floor (where I've been living for two months) for $5. Hmm…
I actually had to call PECO (Philly Electric) twice about this. The second time I insisted on getting the story straight with them; it took some convincing. They did not believe me when I said that I was living on the second floor and only using $5.- of power while the third floor which had nothing plugged in was worth $43/month. The representative insisted that I must have something plugged in up there. I think I repeated three times that I knew I had nothing plugged in, that I knew I had plenty plugged in on the second floor, and could she please explain WHY it was therefore so cheap to live on the second floor???
We finally resolved that the meters were switched, which was of course, not PECO's problem and that I needed to have an electrician come out and deal with it.
Fine. Julianna had given me Lee's number, with rave reviews and I already concur. What a great guy, patiently explained everything to me, showed me (once again) how wrong everything was - fixed tons of stuff and was just generally a great guy. He knew the plumber and the contractor guy (who will redo my bathroom) with whom I've met - and he even knew Mr.El. When I said, "Oh, Mr. El, my neighbor…" he said, "Mr. El, the roofer? He's your neighbor?!" I said, Yeah! - apparently they had done another job a few years ago in south Philly. I tell ya - Philadelphia is a small town. :)
And here are my other thoughts about "this" - Good people gravitate towards other good people. The crummy people gravitate towards other crummy people. I'm really glad I've landed in the good people circle.

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EllieNat said...

bumper stickers on van--very entertaining!