Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My cat is a ham

I had a meeting last night with one of my fabulous students. Tracey came over to show me how to set up images for a flexagon in photoshop. I learned a lot, and even though we have a little media hiccup, I think that my book for my book group and Pyramid Atlantic will work out in the end.
We were working in the studio and Jacques, who I have to say took to Tracey quicker than most people, was really trying to be the center of attention; jumping on chairs, in laps, on window sills, talking talking talking etc. After a while he disappeared for a while, which was not even noticed. Then we hear loud clattering on the staircase. We look at each other, puzzled, what on earth could this be??? I went to investigate and found my cat half way down the stairs with his momentarily-favorite toy in tow. The toy is an orange fish with bug-eyes and a bell, attached to an elastic with a wand. This is how he functions - if just being cute doesn't work, bring a toy so we can both play with it. I didn't get pictures of him last night, crouching on the stairs where I found him, pulling the toy behind him, with that specific cat-look of, what?!
But it wasn't hard to get him to model for me tonight, purring the entire time.

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scrap chair potato said...

So cute and funny. It sure looks like Jacques is loving your big house. :)