Thursday, April 21, 2016

Project Done!

I finally finished my clogs.

Remember the obsession of 2014?
I still have concerns about the strength of the leather but I wore them yesterday anyway and they seem just fine! I only wore them to work and back (riding my bicycle most of the way), so they still need a good walking road test. Then we'll know for sure. Note to self: keep flip flops close by in case there is a massive failure.

They fit great and are snug and don't fall off. I'm going to count that as success.

There was one big oops. The very last nail I put in did this:

I tried to pull the nail but it is in there so tight with that leather it's not budging. I am scared to force it too much because the wood might split. I put some insoles in and I can't feel it at all. I guess that proves it once an for all - I am not a princess.  

Get it? Princess and the Pea reference?  :)

PS: in the linked post I report on Mr. El's cancer scare. He is doing just fine and will turn 80 next year. 


nappygal said...

You amaze me!!! So awesome!

tara said...

Thanks Nappygal! :)