Monday, April 4, 2016

Weather Update

Never mind spring, it's allergy season. 

Oye vey! Friday it was gorgeous and very warm - like 80F almost. Saturday was not so nice and then the wind picked up. And starting Saturday at 11pm - the weather gods must have gotten into quite a ruckus. First there was a good 20 minutes of marble sized hail beating on my bedroom windows, then the wind, then rain, then some more hail, and the wind didn't really stop until Sunday around 3pm. And when I say wind, I mean gale force. The windows were straining. On Saturday I didn't realize that I had taken all of the Benadryl in the house and so while I was up anyway through the hail storm, my allergies decided it was the perfect time to kick in. I discovered that being vertical was a better situation - everything drained - but I was also so tired. I finally rigged enough pillows in the bed to keep me vertical but I could sleep. I got about three hours. And of course with that much sleep it is so difficult to drag yourself out of the house to get to the drugstore on Sunday morning to get the big package of Benadryl. 
Needless to say the weekend had to be spent in mindless activities.

A little bit of gardening. 
I'm still cleaning up the old weeds and debris a little at a time. The dandelions have started and so I've always got a few of those to yank out.  We went to Green's Grow nursery on Friday and I bought seeds, purple pansies, compost, manure, and seed starting mix. I also bought another bag of Bulb Tone from Espoma. It's kinda expensive - but I bought a bag last year and spread it around liberally. My tulips and daffodils have never looked better. The tulips especially. I have more blooms and some have blooms for the first time. I'm a believer! 
I started a lot of seeds. 
I have standard basil, globe basil, marigolds, sunflowers, nasturtiums, zinnias, johnny jump ups and kale. I hope I didn't start things too late. Mid-May is time to plant more things such as tomatoes. Six weeks is plenty of time to get those seedlings going.  

On Sunday when I suffered the most serious allergy-mush-for-brains, I sat on the couch all day and did some more fillet crocheting. Just in case you are wondering, this fillet crocheting is not difficult. It is basically two stitches, chain stitch and double crochet. Then there is a grid to follow. Really, a no brainer.  While counting the minutes between Benadryl doses, I crocheted the heart. It should be a repeat so that there is an entire row of hearts. I like it but it's not as tall as I want it, so I'm on the second design... stay tuned for what it will be!
 Fillet crochet is usually done with very very thin thread. And an even smaller crochet hook. After the heart, my elbow was starting to hurt and I thought I could benefit from an ergonomic crochet hook handle. I priced a few, and while the prices were reasonable, I already have plenty of crochet hooks, I don't need more (not to mention that I also wanted it "right. now.") But I kept searching online and somehow I stumbled onto:
What? You can make comfortable crochet hooks yourself!? Unbelievable. 
 Well, I didn't have any of the gooshy squooshy things and I was not about to crawl out of warm comfy pajamas to go to AC Moore. I had a little think about what I might have in all of my crafty stash that could work similarly. And it came to me:

Craft foam and Hello Kitty duct tape! Done.  
In all seriousness - I can't believe the different this made. Just having a larger grip on the crochet handle helped so much!
Later, I did crawl out of pj's to go to AC Moore to purchase more thread, but that also seemed worth the effort.

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