Thursday, March 5, 2015

Snow Day!

It started snowing around 7am and is supposed to snow all day. We are expecting 5 - 8 inches here in Philadelphia. It was hard to get out of bed this morning! But I did. I salted the sidewalk and crawled back in bed to enjoy my snow day off.  It's coming down fast and heavy.  My favorite part of snow is the initial falling, when it sits on the tree limbs.

Back during another snow day I was poking around on the interwebs and I stumbled onto a Danish paper weaving blog. A woven egg caught my attention and diverted it from what I was supposed to be doing (can't even remember what that was) to the challenge of making one of these:
I made two before it was no longer a challenge and I needed something more exciting. 

 Some of these strips are very thin and fearing they would tear, I printed out some color on some tyvek instead of using paper. This was kind of a good idea, except that the coating that is put on the tyvek in order to print, kind of flakes of with all the handling. Next time, I will just color regular tyvek and see what happens.
If I was looking for a challenge, I found it. Trying to keep track of all of the different bits is daunting, not to mention trying to keep everything together.   
I finally discovered the secret to that though, paper clips!

I also really like the all white inside, but I'm pretty sure that would be an ultimate challenge. The colors really help keep track of what goes where. 

 After a few days of hair pulling and gnashing of teeth, I managed to get to the bottom of the egg, but that is where patience eluded me. Trying to get everything woven all together, keep an egg shape, and make it look good - was tough indeed. Tweezers and pva really helped and finally I called it good and just cut out a silver circle and glued it over the base. I think it helps it stand.

  While writing this post, the evergreen boughs have become even heavier with snow and are hanging low. I was also joined by The One In Charge, who is not as tickled about this weather as I am.

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