Monday, March 30, 2015

little projects

 Even though I haven't mentioned many house projects lately, it doesn't mean they aren't' still there. Oh they are, I've just accepted them as part of the fabric of my life. But some things -
 are a time sensitive situation.

This is my front gate. By all appearances, puh-LENTY of room for peoples to travel into my property.
But for some reason that little patch of ground, just inside the gate post, always gets trampled. 
I am baffled. 
This year the little crocuses I transplanted a couple of years ago have appeared. They have never bloomed due to the trampling. 
 This year, in an attempt to preserve the poor little crocuses, I decided to move the dirt back and put bricks where people trample.
It didn't' take long, maybe 15 minutes. I added about 6 inches(18cm) to the "walkable" space there in the front. 
It is supposed to be warm for the next few days so maybe the crocuses will bloom.
That will be a nice "welcome home."

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