Thursday, July 31, 2014

What happened to July? - Cats

How did the cats fair? Were they neglected? Not in the least.  Reading and knitting in bed in the mornings on weekends was Swee’pea’s cup-o-tea.  He sits right next to me, happy to receive any kind of pat that happens to be available.  His troubles have not exactly subsided, but they seem to have gotten better, for now.  He is still really adorable.
I did take a workshop at the end of June in DC over a weekend. When I came back his nervous stomach licking was worse than ever. But it seems to have subsided a bit.While Jacques wants nothing to do with the bed in the summertime, Swee’pea does still sleep on the corner of the bed.
Not touching – mind you – but still on the same plane of existence.   

Jacques was in complete favor of my reading marathon. He was happy to sit on the deck, 

or the bench, 
or the table,… 
 it didn’t really matter as long as I was in the yard and he could keep watch in my presence. 
He has started doing some funny things in terms of Miss Mary and dogs next door. If I start talking to any of them, he comes over and chime in. I’d give a good dime to know what he is trying to say when he stalks over, practically squawking at us.  When he’s had his say, he hangs around as long a Miss Mary and I are talking.  After that – he checks on the corners of his yard again… or whatever it is I’ve brought down in a basket to work on…
And no worries, there is plenty inside the house for him to claim as well. 
Tomorrow, bad news for both of the boys, we have a vet appointment. Jacques needs a rabies shot and Swee’pea, well, I think I should get a new subscription and accept the fact that he’s a nervous wreck and he needs “better living through chemistry.” Poor boy.  Since I only have the one cat carrier, I purchased a new one.  The lady at the pet store talked me into getting the one that’s like a duffle bag. I sure hope I made the right decision.  I think I did. I think it will be easier to get poor Sweetie into this one rather than the old fashioned kind. Jacques is (relatively speaking) much easier to shove into the carrier. With Swee’pea there is usually blood (mine). I’ll let you know. 

I’ve left both carriers open upstairs for the week so people can get used to them. 

Someone decided he quite liked the new one. Little does he know…

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