Saturday, March 23, 2013

Update from the Homefront

That's all I can say pretty much.
Jacques is still itchy like crazy.
 We've had three sulfur baths now. They are awful. He stinks, I stink, everything he sits on stinks, and he's miserable. He is so good about it though. To a certain degree he just tolerates it. Don't think he's meek and mild! He definitely wants the bath to end asap, but he does sit there and tolerate it. Poor guy. The vet gave me a different shampoo yesterday though, something not so stinky, and hopefully something that won't dry his skin out so much. That is on the agenda for today. I'd just like to know how in the heck he got this! It is really awful. So far, Swee'pea and I both seem fine. Let's hope it stays that way.

Swee'pea doesn't really understand what's going on. He knows Jacques gets more treats than he does - pill pockets - thank goodness for those! - but he is still just sweet and follows me everywhere.
Sitting on feather blankets that sink so nicely when one is sitting on them is really the best...

 Andrew came and tried to tighten things up a bit. It's been cold for so long the squirrels are still trying to live in the house and insulation. Unfortunately I still heard one get in last night. So I must have missed a spot... I'll have to keep an eye when I'm outside to see if I can see where they are getting in.

And yes, it is still cold. 32°F out there. In two weeks West River Drive is closed again to traffic for the season and we can ride bikes on there! Yay!

And thank goodness, my class is still going well. I have 8 wonderful, enthusiastic, engaged students, who are working their behinds off and seem excited about what they are learning.  Those six hours a week are the best six hours. I hope I get to teach this class again. It was been a whirlwind, but also really fun. 

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