Friday, March 8, 2013


How much indignity can one little guy suffer?
We had to go to the vet this morning. Whatever is irritating Jacques' skin is making him scratch and itch all over. There were fresh, raw, wounds yesterday morning. So we had an appointment to see our favorite vet, who was baffled. It could be ringworm... it could be fungus... he just wasn't sure. So he prescribed an antibiotic, an antihistimine, and 6 weeks of sulpher bath. Two pills and a bath. For a cat. Terrific.
and yes, a sulpher bath.
Is that as bad as it sounds?
It stinks, it's bright yellow, stings like hell when it gets in your eye and then of course there is a cat who is wet who does not want to be wet who is struggling like mad to get out of that tub. 
He tried valiantly to escape as evidenced by all of the yellow stain all over the bathroom. He tried every corner of the tub. But I managed to hang onto him and get the stuff all over his fur.   

And what does my little guy think of this mess?
I sure hope it works. I'm not looking forward to the next bath.

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