Friday, October 19, 2012

Update to homecoming

As it turns out the person responsible for cutting the tree down didn't own the property where the tree was growing. When I talked with him on the phone, he lied to me, saying that he came every year to trim the tops (not in the last four). And he said that the tree was rotten on the inside. I looked. It's not. He did say he'll be back to pull the wires back in shape. Let's hope. But what a jerk. I don' t know why he felt he had to take the tree down - or why he was entitled to without talking to ANYONE! He doesn't live anywhere near there - nor does he now have to look at the ugly houses the tree was hiding. But there is nothing I can do. The tree wasn't on my property.


nappygal said...

Plant your own pretty tree?

Melanie said...

Oh Tara, I'm so sorry!!! What a bummer, bummer, bummer. Maybe this is an opportunity for something else, I don't know what. Thinking of you.

tara said...

Thanks for the condolences - a new pretty tree would be great. All ideas are on the table... First order of business - make sure the wall doesn't fall down, second - take care of the bees that now have direct afternoon sun. I really hope I don't lose them.