Thursday, October 18, 2012

Unpleasant homecoming

There used to be a tree there. Right there. Covering those ugly houses. Back in the corner. I can't find a before image except when it was snowing. So I can't show you how lovely it used to be. The tree was not in may yard. But of course, people had to get into my yard to a) cut it down and b) clean up after themselves. Turns out it I know who it was. Now I need to call them and say a) let me know before you help yourself to my yard and b) clean up after yourself!


Katitch said...

Oh my gosh, I hate it when people cut trees down!
It happened to me recently. We had a gorgeous tree at the back of our garden, which made really lovely reflections all over the walls in the house, but then the dumb neighbours decided to lop all the branches off! I was so vexed, I felt like telling them off but it was their tree.
I don't see why they did it though, it wasn't killing them. Besides, in the stinky neighbourhood I live in we need all the fresh oxygen we can get! xD

tara said...

Thanks for the sympathy Katitch. I appreciate it. I'm sorry you lost a tree as well. I don't understand people... sigh.

Ben said...

In Seattle a tree may not be cut down without first notifying the city in advance. The penalties can be huge (into the tens of thousands of dollars). You could always contact your city and inquire about this type of thing.

It won't bring the tree back, but it might make you feel better.