Monday, January 10, 2011

Still in Charge - but maybe a milestone

Just before I took this picture I was sitting next to Jacques petting him and thinking, wow, Jacques has been very patient the last two days. How nice that he is coming around. He might be a good daddy yet to this little one. He's much more patient about the playing, he just watches Swee'pea in fascination for as long as Swee'pea is doing what ever he is doing. Curious George would have a run for his money. While I was petting Jacques and telling him how nice it is that he's being so patient, Swee'pea jumped on my lap and wanted to be pet to. Well that was just too much for my big kitty, and he let out a very irritate growl/yowl and Swee'pea scampered. So what I mistook for patients was really the look of disdain.
I took a bath tonight and Jacques made a big show of just sitting down on the bathmat - and not needing to be curious. Swee'pea on the other had was fascinated! Could not figure out what the heck was going on. He finally crawled under the vanity and with a very heavy sigh lay down and put his head on his paws. It must be an overwhelming world to a little guy who has basically spent his first year of life in a cage.
This is talking looks like. Check out the wrinkled up nose. He doesn't talk very much, yet. I have a feeling he will be pretty vocal.
The milestone was that we all slept in the same bed last night. Jacques of course on HIS spot with the look of irritation. Swee'pea next to me until I turned over and he thought it was time to play. Nope.
Jacques is being very possessive of me, more than usual:
Here he is not on the table.
I mean, you see that too, that his back feet are still in my lap, right? Therefore - Not on the table.

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