Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cats and stuff

Oh, it's all that seems to occupy my mind lately. Cats.
It's been really really cold lately, a bit of snow, freezing rain, ice, and just cold. So my rain barrel has run out. Oh yes. My cats are so spoiled that they will only drink water out of the rain barrel bucket - or a freshly flushed toilet. Go figure. I'm not quite sure how I spoiled the big man this much. But ... it's too late now.
So today I chipped ice from around the bucket that is frozen solid to the downspout. I was hoping with the warming trend (high 33 today) it would melt somewhat. Nothin' doin'. There is a great big chunk of ice holding the bucket and the downspout hostage. They will have to do for a while. It's supposed to snow tonight. Yay.
Last thursday I took Swee'pea to the vet. I'm telling you, I think he thought he was going back to the shelter. He was so heartbroken. His face said it all. He tried desperately to snuggle against my hand against the fence of the cage. Poor little guy. He wouldn't leave my lap at the vet. Just sat there and looked at me. I tried to tell him, I was taking him back home - he didn't need to worry, but you know how well that works.
So it turns out he is about 10 months, which makes sense because is SUCH a kitten. He is healthy, but might have a heart murmur. That would be three cats now... so I'm not sure I believe it. He weighs a grand total of 8lbs. Jacques weighs 16 - at the least. So that confirms that theory.
In the mean time the two of them have started some serious playing together. It's really very sweet. Jacques has accepted that this is part of our family now - doesn't mean he is 100% in with the deal but he is very sweet sometimes. They play a lot - chase each other a lot - and then when Jacques has had enough, he just ignores the little one. This is a huge improvement. I also have two (well three) alarm clocks in the morning now. The clock radio - and after about an hour - Jacques and Swee'pea both feel obligated to remind me that it is really time... time to feed them! What on earth am I waiting for!? I'm so glad this has worked out.
In other news, I finally finished my 2nd pair of socks.
There is really nothing like a pair of handmade socks. It always surprises me when I put them on. Maybe it's because they are wool, but not as dense as the store-bought ones? I don't know. Needless to say, they are pretty nice. If they just weren't such a pain to knit....

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