Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Worms

The worms. Yes, I'll get to that.
But here is my finger. Can you believe it? That's all it is. That little cut. But it's deep enough to be a big pain in the neck. It does really hurt - still - three days later. The entire knuckle was green for most of today. I'm doing fine without bandages (even typing!) but every once in a while I bend it to much or expect it to do too much for what it can do. The cure? Three cheers for arnica!
But yes, the worms. I finally was able to make them a home this evening. It's a good thing I'm an artist. We were told to drill very small holes into the lid and base of the bin. Well! yours truly has all of the tiniest drill bits you can imagine. Probably more than the guy at Green's Grow could imagine. This is also good because I can't find my drill bits! Grr. They must be around here somewhere!
Anyway - here I am drilling holes (that the worms can't escape through) in the lid.
My worms are spoiled. They don't just get newspaper, they actually get newsprint without any printing on it. It's shredded and moistened and supposedly they will eat this too. Hmm, talk about a high fiber diet.
Added my composting:
It was about time. Some interesting things happening in there. I just think I'll have more than just worms in there by the time I'm done.
Below is their little home now.
So - at some point I should be getting amazing fertilizer out of them, if they make it through this week. It's supposed to be hot hot hot again. Yay.

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