Friday, August 27, 2010


Third time in the emergency room this summer. This is getting ridiculous, and expensive. What did I do now? I was trying to fix things! I went into the basement to find that my de-humidifier was, well, not de-humidifying. There was a huge puddle on the floor underneath it because the thing was leaking somehow. In trying to get it off it's prop, and to pull off the hose which was stuck on with silicon (barely), it came off harder than I thought, and my hand flew back and the middle knuckle of my left ring finger whacked against the edge of the metal type cabinet which was behind me. I looked at it - it looked like a paper cut. And then.... I bent my finger - and I'll spare you the gory details. At any rate, I knew, I couldn't help myself. Talk about being really irritated with myself. I had to walk over to the hospital again. Three hours later, I didn't even get stitches, just tape. I'm all taped up, my finger really hurts, and I'm ticked because I wasted another 3 hours sitting in the emergency room. I read a lot of the Secret Garden though.
This is not what I wanted to blog about either! Here's what I really wanted to post:
Last night I bought $20 worth of worms.
Yup, red wigglers. This is so that I can start my wormacompost (I don't think that's actually how it's spelled). Apparently this stuff makes the best fertilizer ever and they eat a lot of your table scraps so that's good. I took a little workshop at Green's Grow, a local nursery that has a lot of great stuff. Too bad I cut my finger today because I wasn't able to get the bin going today the way I wanted to. Tomorrow. I'll let you know how they do for my garden.
We've had two beautiful days in a row. The class last night was held outside in the evening sunlight. The butterflies were all over the "butterfly" bush, a little black kitty kept trying to steal the show from the instructor, who was very cute. Half way through the class a flock of bright yellow orioles flew over the garden. I also wanted to buy some plant-able garlic, but apparently it hadn't come in yet. I'd love to have my own garlic growing. You have to plant it now, harvest next June!
In other news, I changed the buttons on my white sweater. These are some I bought with Dietlind in Germany. I really like them.
Here's the sweater I knitted from last week while I was recovering from my pulled muscle. I really like it, but while trying to take the photos tonight, I realized I sewed it together inside out. Now I get to take that apart again and sew it together properly.

And I have a new neighbor. I don't even know his name yet. But he sure is cute. He and Jacques encountered each other today though. It was loathing at first sight.
I hope this little guy doesn't get too neglected. He's got fleas and I think something in his ears and a huge lump on the top of his head. I don't know if he's been fed in the last few days either. Ugh. There should be some sort of competency test for keeping pets.

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