Sunday, February 7, 2010

Snowy Weekend

Lookit how much snow fell! The reports this morning were 27 inches. And it's beautiful beautiful beautiful! Big powdery drifts in my yard. Jacques braved the outdoors for a few hours today. I think he must have stayed under the porch the entire time because there were no kitty footprints in the yard. And actually with the 2 and half feet we got it would have been a sinking kitty, no footprints.
I spent yesterday on the couch (except for the hour I was out shoveling the sidewalk) knitting: I only have two fingers to go! The right glove looks so much better than the left. Probably because I didn't try it on 19 million times, and I did a much better job of making the gradated color even. I'm really happy with them despite the unevenness. I just looked on KYW our news station for school closures. It says schools are closed on Monday. I hope it still says that tomorrow morning. Then I can do all the stuff I should have been doing Saturday.
The storm stopped yesterday around 2pm, and started to clear up. We had an absolutely beautiful sunset:
view out the front window.
View out of my bedroom window.
We are supposed to get another storm on Tuesday, which according to NPR is supposed to dump even more snow than this last one. Positive thinking people! Snow day snow day snowday!

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