Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow Day Thursday

Good Morning!A couple of pictures of the view outside my bedroom window. Above, the beautiful snow on all the bare branches.
Icicles hanging from the ledge. They are about three feet long.
And my poor pine tree is so heavy with snow, the top part has split in two.
We have clear blue sky today. A record of all time, 71 inches of snow has fallen on the city of Philadelphia. I've got to do my part today to dig ourselves out. Rumor has it, the city doesn't have any more money in the budget for snow removal. The only things running are the ambulances. The mayor has called for a "transition day", whatever that means. But there are still some bosses making people go to work! It's treacherous out there! One of my poor friends has to go to work, and a lot of the public transportation isn't running. I say she should protest formally, tell her boss is a crazy old git, and call it a day. But then, she might not have her job on Monday morning. (sigh). Thank goodness my boss is reasonable and has said when the Phila. Public schools are closed, so are we.
So, for the agenda today is:
1. dig out sidewalks. While this isn't exactly fun, it's not that bad either. It's definitely great for the abs. And Jacques will get to go out which he is desperate to do.
2. I have a lot of business type stuff to do. Including getting going on my taxes.
3. The saga of the silver sweater:
I've been working on this thing for over a year now. I thought I'd move along while I was in California and make the second sleeve. Well, I did, and I did it wrong. There is one too many rows of twists! How did I do that?
Last night, with Jacques help, I layed everything out, and looked at it. The thinner sleeve is much nicer and so I decided to knit - yes - a third sleeve for this sweater.
It looks better already. Maybe I'll get to wear it next year.
Jacques, is still the king of finding the warm spots. Here he has found the sunbeam du jour. He sat here for a while as I worked on my photos. But really he's going a bit stir-crazy. Poor guy. He wants to be outside so badly, but he does not like the snow. We'll see what he does today when I go out to dig up the side walk.

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