Tuesday, February 9, 2010

No Snow day today

Snow day yesterday!
I got lots done. Ran errands, prepped for class tonight, took care of some business, and finished my gloves!!!I still need to weave ends in, and I'm probably going to re-address the fingertips. I don't like how they've been finished. And this was a good lesson about thinking through what you are doing with which yarn. What a pain in the tuchus to get the gradation to work on the fingers. Look at the state of my yarn. What a mess! Will have to deal with that as well.
I was hoping for another snow day today, but no dice. That's okay, it's looking like we'll have another one tomorrow, maybe Thursday as well. As always, we live in hope.

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Marissa said...

It doesn't matter what your yarn looks like as long as the gloves come out okay, and they look great, by the way.